Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How can I book a consultation?

Please visit the Consultation page and navigate to the store by clicking on the Visit Store button. You will be able to select the consultation services in just a few clicks and schedule it at a time of your convenience. 

I have booked a consultation, is a refund possible?

Yes! As long as a consultation has not been availed, we will be happy to return the amount. Even if it is after a few weeks, we would always be happy to refund if you have not availed our services. Please reach out to us at any of the above contacts for the same. 

Is a refund possible after availing a consultation service?

No, a refund will not be possible after availing a service if the consultation has been delivered. Because the analysis has already been complete and the effort is already put it, we would not be allowing a refund. 

How can I know about upcoming courses?

Upcoming courses will always be announced on the website and on our social media handles! You can easily stay up to date by following us on social media. 

I have availed the monthly subscription of a course, can I convert it to lifetime access?

If you have already availed the monthly subscription and paid an amount equivalent to the lifetime membership amount, we would be happy to convert it to a lifetime access without further payments. However, this is a manual process. Please reach out to us to request lifetime access as we will not be able to keep a track of your subscriptions regularly. 

Are there any hidden charges to the lifetime membership?

No, there are no charges associated with the lifetime membership. Once availed, you will be able to keep the subscription forever. Please keep in mind that we cannot foresee how content will be shared in the future. If there are structural changes to the internet or video hosting platforms, we will update the regulations accordingly. As it is today, you will not have to pay any charges for subscriptions even several years down the line.