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In-depth analysis of the New Year 2023 by Sanjeev Ranjan Mishra
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ग्रहण क्यों एवं कब पड़ते हैं? ग्रहण एक खगोलीय घटना है। हर वर्ष कम से कम 4 और अधिक से अधिक 6 ग्रहण पड़ते है। सूर्य और चन्द्र ग्रहण...
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From Darkness Unto Light

The Vedic Vision Story

With no specific plans or strategy, The Vedic Vision came to be simply with the sheer love and support of our readers and client. As you encourage us, we continue on our endeavor of bringing authenticity to the divine field of astrology which has gone through severe misfortune over the years.

What we do

Authenticity with Quality

We constantly strive to imprve the stature of Vedic Astrology
by bringing to you authentic information and services that you can trust.


Wide range of unique courses in Vedic Astrology, Vaastu and Nadi for beginners as well as advanced learners.


Explore our consultation services of Vedic Astrology, Vaastu and other astrological offerings.


Explore our blogs, videos and social media posts to access interesting context from a unique perspective

over the years

Expertise that you can trust

With the unwavering trust that you place in us
our growth over the years continues to stay strong!

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Hours of teaching astrology
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Years of consulting experience
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Corporate and Organizations as clients

We practice and profess based on our years of learning across the length and breadth of Vedic Astrology. 

Having practiced and refined prediction methods for Horoscope Consultation, Vaastu Consultation and Corporate Consultations, we offer our expertise based on methods tested over decades and with thousands of clients. 

We bring with us years of experience as practicing astrologers and consultants. Along with the knowledge of Vedic Astrology, we have professional expertise in the consulting domain as well as in education sphere. 

The entire team of The Vedic Vision has the experience of dealing with thousands of clients over several years. 

One of the biggest problems with astrology is that unrefined and unauthenticated information has become rampant and there is always a lack of clarity in the consultations. 

We pride ourselves in being accurate, transparent and a firm Vedic ground our practice stands on. We always share the most reliable information and are happy to answer any questions or follow-ups at all times. We promise to have answer to all your questions without digressing or deviating form the topic. 

As consultants, we prioritize you over our profit. Our advice will always be sincere and with your best interest at heart. Our business strategy is simply to reach as many people as possible to maximize our profitability. 

For us, profit is if you consider us good enough to reach out regularly for guidance and suggestions. We do not focus on a money-minded approach of making suggestions to extract maximum profit which, sadly, is the case today all over in the field of astrology. 


The Vedic Vision Consultations

While there is no dearth of astrologers today
authenticity and reliability seem to be missing.

Astrological Consultation

We offer in-depth astrological consultation such as horoscope analysis, addressing specific queries, compatibility analysis, muhurta analysis or annual/monthly forecasts.

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Vaastu Consultation

We have expertise in Vaastu analysis of independent houses, buildings, apartments, office spaces, shops, warehouses as well as complete industrial complexes.

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Remedies Consultation

If you are facing challenges that you wish to overcome, we have an authentic range of astrological remedies and solutions that can help you navigate through the issues.

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Business Consultations

For Corporates and Industries, we offer in-depth business consultation that ranges from business strategy to Vaastu analysis aimed at growth, stability and profit maximization.

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Always Reliable, Always Sincere

The true test of astrology really is when the reading helps
you navigate through life and help plan for the future.
We promise you, you will not feel otherwise!

Our Courses

The most In-Depth Courses
on Vedic Astrology

We offer the most unique range of courses in vedic astrology where each topic is covered in as much detail as possible while welcoming all questions from our students!