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  • Upcoming

    Book: The Luminaries

     - Arsh Mishra

    An exhaustive guide to Sun and Moon, the book will talk about the various interpretations regarding the two most important planets of Astrology. Sun and the Moon. The book covers a wide array of topics everything from results associated with Sun and Moon, to their importance in life and how to understand whether they're doing good or bad for you. 

    Releasing: November 2020

    Course: Daily Predictions for Yourself

    - Arsh Mishra

    This is going to be a pre-recorded course available for anyone who wishes to go through the basics of astrology used heavily for day to day predictions. An entire branch of astrology just focuses on equipping the common man with tools that can be used in their day to day life without having to visit an astrologer at each step. 

    Available: October 2020


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We provide Astrology and Vaastu consultations which can easily be booked online.



We have a wide range of astrology courses for both beginners and professionals.



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The Vedic Vision Blog


Our new section, The Vedic Vision Tales brings to you forgotten mythological stories, how they relate to astrological concepts and their importance in day to day life. 


Transit Tracker

The Transit Tracker series brings to you exhaustive interpretations of upcoming transits and their interpretations in your life. We promise you won't get a more detailed analysis anywhere else!


Upcoming on The Vedic Vision Blog is a dedicated blog on spirituality that would bring to you pearls of wisdom from our ancient Vedic Texts.  

The Vedic Vision uses a Progressive Web App. Simply visit The Vedic Vision Blog on your mobile browser and from the browser menu select "Add to Home Screen". The app will get installed. 

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About Us

The Vedic Vision is a family partnership and is aimed at providing astrological services to interested clients. We provide astrological consultation and learning services along with publications. We're soon going to be launching merchandises as well for interested people! 

We provide consultation services across all astrological fields such as  Horoscope Consultation, Vaastu, Numerology, Compatibility Analysis for both corporate and individual clients. Along with consultations, we are also involved in education and have regular astrological courses on-going as well. 

Our business philosophy is simply based on forming long-term and meaningful relationships with our clients such that they see quality and value in our services.



Practicing Students worldwide


Consultations Provided


Combined Years of Experience

"Truthful words are not beautiful, beautiful words are not truthful. 
​Good words are not persuasive, persuasive words are not good."

- Lao Tzu

Looking for reliable and professional astrological advice? You don't have to go anywhere else!

The Vedic Vision Consultations

Horoscope Consultation

We have several years of experience in Horoscope Analysis, Compatibility Analysis, Muhurta, Prashna, Mundane Analysis and Annual Horoscopy and Birth-Time Rectification if accurate time is unknown.

Vaastu Consultation

We have the experience of Vaastu Consultation for Housing Complexes, Villas, Industrial Plants, Factories, Studios, Warehouses and Office Complexes as well. Charges are as per plot area.

Remedies Consultation

Dedicated Remedies consultation at a discounted price. Just tell us the specific problem and we'll tell you the remedy for it! Ideal if you do not require a horoscope consultation but only remedy.


"Consciousness is the mantra, endeavor the method; 
The Guru is the means and Knowledge is the food."

- Shiva Sutra

The Vedic Vision Classroom

The Student Section of Vedic Vision has diverse courses for everyone and the primary aim of these is to make authentic astrology information available to students. 

We have diverse courses to suite the requirements of professionals, amateurs and beginners all! Just find out what you would like to learn, and we can help you with that! 

Moreover, we can definitely promise you that these courses will help you take better decisions in your personal life and help you save a lot of money on consultations!