Terms of service

Policies, Returns and Disclaimers

Please reach out to us at info@thevedicvision.com for any issues

All consultations provided by The Vedic Vision are based on the consultant’s learning and experience in the field of astrology. Our suggestions can be used as a guidance but should not be taken as instructive. 

We offer consultancy services to the best of our consultant’s understand but acknowledge the limitations of the same. As such, we do not make any warranties about the recommendations provided and strongly advice that the customer should take any decisions with proper discussions with qualified professionals. 

All services booked through the website will be refunded if they have not been availed. For all booked consultations, customers can request a refund as long as the consultation has not been availed.

Services will not be refunded once the said service has been availed by the customer. 

When booking a service from the website, the details of the consultant will be shared in the confirmation mail along with their contact number and email address. Please approach them directly for any resolutions. 

Else, you can also reach out at info@thevedicvision.com for any resolutions. 

We guarantee confidentiality of our members’ identity, birth details and any forecasts made using those details as much possible under legal regulatory and security environment.

We do not share any of your information or recorded consultations without your permission with anyone. 

We do not store recorded consultations beyond a period of 1 year. In case specifically requested, recorded consultations are deleted as per user request. 

Course subscriptions are available for the specified duration for which the purchase has been made. All course payments are non-refundable once the subscription has been activated. 

SAM Vedic Vision LLP reserves the right to change the specified policies and conditions at any time.