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  • Do it Yourself Courses
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Why should I learn astrology?

Astrology should not be a science that you should revert to when you have a problem. it is by far the most inaccurate depiction of astrology! It is the science that can guide you on every step of your path by helping you make better decisions. Since the ancient days, astrology has been used as more of a guiding tool that can help you take better decisions in your day to day life so that you see positive results. 

Our aim with the astrology courses is not just to train professionals but also to educate the common man enough in astrology that they take their life decisions on their own without having to refer to an astrologer at every step of the way. Sure, you will still be going to astrologers for major consultations about career, health etc. but you will be able to use astrology in your day to day life to have better relationships, more happiness at home, perform better in exams and interviews and protect yourself against the day to day troubles. 

Using astrology in day to day life is simple, basic and extremely effective. It requires no major knowledge of astrology, no mathematical skills and no technical knowledge at all!