The Vedic Astrology Shorts are short courses on various topics that have been dealt with to give a systematic and focused view of complex astrological topics without getting deviated. The teaching methodology primarily uses discussions, horoscope analysis and examples with less focus on theoretical concepts and more on practical applications.

As a business grows, processes must be updated or possibly removed if they no longer make sense or if they create unnecessary work for employees. This does not always mean there is a need to take on costly process re-engineering initiatives. Often times after the process reviews are complete, you may need to make only minor modifications to a process to achieve overall improvements, cost, and time savings.


  • Course Group:Vedic Astrology Shorts
  • Course Name:Advanced Combinations
  • Code:VAS-03
  • Type:Advanced
  • Duration:40+ Hours
  • Language:English
  • Monthly Subscription:USD 65 / INR 4500
  • Lifetime Subscription:USD 200 / INR 11000
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