The Vedic Astrology Shorts are short courses on various topics that have been dealt with to give a systematic and focused view of complex astrological topics without getting deviated. The teaching methodology primarily uses discussions, horoscope analysis and examples with less focus on theoretical concepts and more on practical applications.

Module 2 – Combinations: How combinations manifest in Vedic Astrology. Analyzing combination of two planets, houses, signs, planet in house, planet in sign and how mutually combinations impact each other. The module discusses at length how direct combinations such as placement, lordship etc. work and to what extent they can be used to derive predictions. The course is primarily aimed at giving students the tools and means to be able to create unique predictions at astonishingly accurate levels. 


  • Course Group:Vedic Astrology Shorts
  • Course Name:Navgraha Deep Dive
  • Code:VAS-02
  • Type:Advanced
  • Duration:40+ Hours
  • Language:English
  • Monthly Subscription:USD 65 / INR 4500
  • Lifetime Subscription:USD 200 / INR 11000
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