The Vedic Astrology Shorts are short courses on various topics that have been dealt with to give a systematic and focused view of complex astrological topics without getting deviated. The teaching methodology primarily uses discussions, horoscope analysis and examples with less focus on theoretical concepts and more on practical applications.

Module 1 – Navagraha Deep Dive: Bare bones anatomy of each of the nine principal planets including detailed discussion of their characteristics in entirety. Importance of planetary significations in interpreting specific situations, nature of planets as applicable for Muhurta or Prashna analysis, qualities related to timing of events (both long term and in day to day affairs) as they play out in business, education, relationship, health etc., expected results during major Dashas and Transits of planets and how they govern and alter the pattern of life during their ruling periods through their inherent Karakatvas, and so on. Eg: Sun causes delays. Saturn introduces duality, Jupiter restricts results, Mercury ushers misjudgment etc. 


  • Course Group:Vedic Astrology Shorts
  • Course Name:Navgraha Deep Dive
  • Code:VAS-01
  • Type:Advanced
  • Duration:40+ Hours
  • Language:English
  • Monthly Subscription:USD 65 / INR 4500
  • Lifetime Subscription:USD 200 / INR 11000
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