Course Description

The Vedic Astrology Shorts are short courses on various topics that have been dealt with to give a systematic and focused view of complex astrological topics without getting deviated. The teaching methodology primarily uses discussions, horoscope analysis and examples with less focus on theoretical concepts and more on practical applications.

Module 4: Non-Horoscopy:

The module will cover in detail concepts not associated with birth chart analysis where charts other than the individual’s horoscope is used for making predictions. The course is an advanced course aimed for those with good understanding of horoscopes and horoscope based predictions. The course will cover the following topics in detail:

Varshphala: Varshphala is a concept originally from Tajik Astrology that is used to determine annual results. Based on the solar return, it is an important concept that can be used for minute analysis of results. The course will cover all concepts associated with Varshphala analysis in great detail.

Tithi Pravesha: Primarily used as a concept for mundane charts, prediction of global events and country-based predictions, the Tithi Pravesha in effect is the Vedic Astrology equivalence of Varshphala and the primary concept used for general predictions at the world level. The course will cover Varsha Pravesha, Tithi Pravesha, Masa Pravesha and other relevant concepts.

Kaala Purusha Chart: The Kaala Purusha Chart, often called the natural chart, is the blank chart of the natural 12 signs as the 12 houses. Primarily used for mundane predictions, the chart also holds great relevance for transit analysis and Jaimini Astrology.

Advanced Prashna Analysis: Prashna or Query Analysis is the analysis based on a query raised by an individual and answering based on the query chart. The course would cover advanced concepts of Prashna analysis ranging from answering specific queries to using the Prashna Chart as an equivalent of birth chart.

Remedies: In-Depth analysis of concepts of remedies ranging from practical remedies, spiritual remedies, religious remedies, gemstones, totkas, etc. and how to use individual remedies for improving effects of a planet.

Nakshatra Astrology: Often ignored or restricted to KP Astrology, Nakshatras are the first branch of astrology that predates all concepts based on the zodiac signs. The course will cover Nakshatras and Lunar Astrology in detail covering all relevant concepts from transit predictions to Nakshatra analysis.

Chakras: An extension of Nakshatra astrology, the Chakras are equivalent to birth charts but created by keeping the nakshatras as the base instead of signs. Different types of Chakras are used for predictions ranging from weather analysis, to analysis for countries, health of an individual and even Prashna. The course would cover in detail, all the relevant applications of Chakras.

Advanced Muhurta: The course will cover in details concepts associated with Muhurta analysis, compatibility, determining favorable/unfavorable placements and durations for specific activities and in-depth analysis of specific events from a muhurta perspective.

The course would conclude in a matter of 4 months, if additional classes are required, the course may extend for 1-2 months.


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  • Start Date:29/01/2023
  • Course Group:Vedic Astrology Shorts
  • Course Name:Non-Horoscopy
  • Code:VAS-04
  • Type:Advanced
  • Duration:70+ Hours
  • Language:English
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