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Our Vision and Mission

Our primary vision is to ensure astrology gets back its position and respect that it has lost in the recent years. One of the primary causes of this is that there is no standardization in the field and even when institutions or astrologers try standardization through courses, the content itself is not rich enough to create a gold standard for professionals. As a result, even practicing astrologers who wish to do service to this great field have to end up charging exorbitant amounts from their clients or use false promises to attract clients. 

As such, the sole purpose of The Vedic Vision is to standardize the practice of astrology, train astrologers who can make an impact in others' lives and restructure the practice of astrology by assuring our clients that standard accurate predictions are possible which are not subject to the spiritual powers of the practitioner but their hard-work and wisdom. 

Our History

The Vedic Vision came into being solely because of the incredible love and support we have had from all of our readers and clients. The idea of the website was born when the amount of emails we were getting for inquiries turned to be unmanageable. 

We started small with a modest forum and a basic website, but as the community started growing we had to make changes to accommodate. 

Now that we have a large audience to cater to, we've invested significant effort in coming up with an integrated solution that can help us interact and cater to all our client needs. Our platforms, chats, blogs, communities are now integrated to provide an unforgettable customer experience. 

Not to mention, we are launching our own astrology app and software towards the end of 2020! 


"The actions performed by any capable man are undoubtedly imbibed by others.
​For when one sets a precedence, it eventually becomes a path for everyone."

- Srimad Bhagavad Gita 3:21

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"One must perform their duties with devotion, for action is always better than inaction.
Because if not for action, man cannot even maintain his physical body."

- Srimad Bhagavad Gita 3:08

​Who We Are

Sanjeev Ranjan Mishra

40+ years experience in Vedic Astrology and Vaastu as a professional and over 45+ years of experience as a learner. With several of his students as leading astrologers and clients across countries and industries, he has an expertise in guiding not just people, but also businesses, industries, political parties and media houses. 

Mamta Mishra

With 20+ years of experience as an astrologer and Vaastu Consultant, she is regarded as great life coach by her clients for not just taking consultations from, but also for counselling for taking major life decisions. 

Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to get regular updates on transits and remedies.

Arsh Mishra

6+ years of professional experience in astrology. Arsh is primarily focused on educating people on the various dimensions of Vedic Astrology through his content and courses. He takes up consultations basis his availability. 

Follow him on Quora or Twitter to interact with his posts and content. 

"It is one's obligation to evolve, and not let oneself drown.
For one alone is one's friend, and one alone is one's  enemy."

- Srimad Bhagavad Gita 6:5

​What we Offer

Our area of focus is not just consultation but also providing education content that helps others learn astrology. We train professional astrologers as well as offer courses for people interested in using astrology for their own family. We are also involved in creating content that is freely available on various social media for people to access. Not just that, we even provide you with an option to directly request content from us for anything that you wish to learn about. 


We have various courses designed for professional astrologers, beginners who wish to be professional astrologers as well as people who wish to have enough knowledge of astrology to take their own life decisions astrologically. 


We provide Astrology, Vaastu and Numerology consultations. We also provide Corporate Consultations for Muhurta and Vaastu. Vaastu consultations can either be based on the building plan or by site visits. 

Content Creation

We're actively involved in content creation on various platforms. The content is aimed to help take better decisions in life, develop better understanding of astrology and also be wary of false information that is being circulated in the market.

"All work should be done as sacrifice, with no expectations of loss or gain.
Anything done otherwise binds you to the word, sacrifice alone liberates from everything."

- Srimad Bhagavad Gita 3:09

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